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Riley’s Journal Has Been Updated!!

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Last weekend I attended Anthrocon and it was pretty darn awesome. While I don’t consider myself a furry, I do enjoy realistic costumes, so I took the raptor mask I made (base/blank by: ) and some gloves I put together. I ran out of time to make a tail. I figured I’d raptor around the con incognito, because it’s fun to be anonymous. Unfortunately for my planned secrecy, I was unaware that in the interim my last photoset of the raptor mask managed to accumulate around 3,000 notes on Tumblr, and the internet knew that it was mine, so there was no secrecy or anonymity. OH WELL I had fun anyhow! Let me tell you though, it’s super weird to have people come up and shout “I SAW THIS ON TUMBLR" in real life. Uhhh. Hi, Internets.

Thus, I raptored around the con and generally acted like a nuisance. The very best reactions were the ‘muggles’… people on the street. They acted like it was Disneyworld and almost everyone really loved it. My friend managed to get a photo of me peeking into a bar window. Check out the enthusiastic lady on the far right.

I even managed to bump into my eagle mask being worn around the con a few times, which was super exciting to me (the Philippines Eagle mask seen above).

All photo credit goes to my friends Byzil and Hypno.

Here is a short video. I didn’t know she was recording at first so I was holding very still so she could take a still photo. Oops. Also ignore my bad anatomy raptor wrists pose. I had just smacked Dark Natasha in the throat with my claws accidentally and was feeling a bit sheepish. (Natasha was fine, but apparently I was going for the kill. Instincts?)

I am thinking of naming her Kinglet, after the bird that inspired her.


When you make a reference and someone actually gets it



looks like this cat just witnessed a sick burn


looks like this cat just witnessed a sick burn

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